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Our Youth Education Program

The Palm Springs Friends of Philharmonic is proud to sponsor a robust youth education program. In addition to summer music camp scholarships, the Philharmonic provides financial support to the arts education program at the McCallum Theatre, offers grants to local area music organizations, provides free student tickets to concerts and masterclasses by visiting artists.

Youth Activity Grants

The PS Friends of Philharmonic is proud to support other area not-for profits that provide music education to our local Coachella Valley youth. Recipients includes the McCallum Theatre Education Division, the Steinway Society, the Waring Piano Competition, and others. For more information on this program, please call.

Summer Music Camps

A major component of our youth education program is our summer scholarship program. This program helps the most dedicated and serious music students attend summer music camps. A majority of these students attend the renowned Idyllwild Summer Music program but other camps located across the country are eligible.

It is our pleasure to offer this scholarship opportunity to our talented Coachella Valley music students. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please submit the application form. For any questions, please call the PSFP office at 760-341-1013.

Download Application

Musical Instrument Donations

Our local music students need your help! Local band directors are working with an inventory of musical instruments that in many cases are up to 30 years old and in need of constant repair. If you have a musical instrument in good condition that you might consider donating, please contact us.

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