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Doug Stewart, Anne Akiko Meyers, Dean Kauffman


Members of Board of Directors with Lahav Shani


Bernice Green, Avi Avital


Dean Kauffman


John Fox

Vice-President, Finance and Administration

Lucinda Schissler

Vice President - Artist Selection

Douglas G. Stewart

Vice President for Advancement

Roberta Holland

Recording Secretary


Miles Benickes

Pamela Chanter

Lois Darr

Kathleen Eberhardt

John Fox

Barbara Fremont

Bernice E. Greene

Roberta Holland

Dean Kauffman

Dr. David B. Ko

Carol S. Lewis

Susan Palm

Larry Pitts

Lucinda Schissler

Joseph H. Stein, Jr.

Douglas G. Stewart

Paul M Symons

JoAnn G. Wellner


Artists Selection
Lucinda Schissler, Chair
Roberta Holland, Bernice Greene, Dean Kauffman, David Ko

Finance and Administration
John Fox, Chair
Larry Pitts, Bernice Green, JoAnn Wellner

Douglas Stewart
Roberta Holland, Dean Kauffman, Carol Lewis, JoAnn Wellner, Pamela Chanter, Kathleen Eberhardt

Other Designated Positions
Program Books:  Lois Darr
Youth Education and Scholarships:   Dean Kauffman

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