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2022-2023 Philharmonic Subscription Series

Main Orchestra and Mezzanine
$550 for 5-Concert Series, plus donation
$440 for 4-Concert Series, plus donation

Rear Orchestra
$455 for 5-Concert Series, plus donation
$365 for 4-Concert Series, plus donation

$365 for 5-Concert Series, plus donation
$295 for 4-Concert Series, plus donation


Click here to see the McCallum Theatre seating chart.

*Prices for individual concerts are listed on the concerts listing page.

Tickets are sold on a subscription-only basis. For one annual fee, plus a donation, you can enjoy a seven or six concert series with different packages available for balcony, mezzanine, rear orchestra, and orchestra.

Our valued patrons and donors are the life blood of the Palm Springs Friends of Philharmonic. With your annual donation, we can bring vibrant and renowned symphony orchestras to the Coachella Valley. As we approach our 50th Anniversary, our Board of Directors who also financially support Palm Springs Philharmonic, graciously asks that every subscriber become a member of the organization by making an annual donation.

For more information on memberships,  Please Click Here.  Your generosity enables us to provide outstanding programming, continue to provide grants to our inspired youth so they may pursue a life in music and continue our near 50-year legacy as one of the nation’s premiere presenters of symphonic music.

Any remaining single tickets for individual concerts are available on a “wait list” only basis.

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber or wish to be placed on our waitlist for an individual performance, please submit the form on our contact page and a member of our staff will get back to you.


All concerts take place at McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, CA.

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